Our trademark and portfolio team is a “one-stop shop” for clients requiring legal services at every stage of the brand lifecycle. We assist our clients with the required due diligence before registration of new marks, filing and prosecuting the marks in Singapore and worldwide, and the commercializing and enforcement of their brands.

We act for all brand owners across a wide range of sectors and we represent many clients on a worldwide basis.

We regularly provide the following services to both Singapore and overseas clients:-

Advising on Filing Strategy

Many of our clients file trademarks in Singapore and in their overseas markets of interest. We assist our clients with the required due diligence and provide the client with a filing strategy that is both cost effective and which satisfies the client’s business needs.


We assist clients with selecting their trademark(s) at the very start of the brand lifecycle. We understand the commercial importance of selecting trademark(s) that are both suitable for brand building and which clients can claim an exclusive right of use.

Conducting Trademark Availability Searches

Before launching a new product or service under a particular trademark, it is advisable to conduct a trademark availability search, confirming that you are free to use the mark without infringing another’s rights and that you will be able to establish exclusive rights to the use of your chosen mark.

Filing and Registration

Although a trader may acquire rights in a trademark through actual use in the marketplace, a trademark registration gives its owner a statutory right against infringement and counterfeiting. Registration will also facilitate commercial dealings like asset transfers and licensing. We can prepare and file trademark applications for you in Singapore and worldwide.