Business Risk Management

Having an intangible asset strategy to identify, manage and exploit your business’ intangible assets is, at its very core, a form of risk management.

Audit & Strategy

Knowing what intangible assets your business has is the first step. An intangible asset audit  seeks to identify and classify those intangible assets, as well as uncover any unknown, unutilized, underutilized or unprotected assets.[1]

Identifying your business’ intangible assets is only the first step. Development of intangible asset management strategies is key. Any asset management strategy must be one that supports and complements your business’ commercialization strategies, goals and objectives, as well as mitigates the against business risks identified.

Our approach engages your business at all levels to ensure that a tailor-made comprehensive but realistic intangible asset and risk management strategy is created and implemented. Our strategies are calculated to:

  • Mitigate against business risks that may have been uncovered.
  • Minimize leakage and loss of a business’ intangible assets.
  • Manage and create safeguards and robust protocols to maintain the integrity of a business’ intangible assets.
  • Maximize return on investment on a business’ intangible assets.


Having created a portfolio of intangible assets, it is important to track the value of your business’ portfolio. Knowing such information can be very helpful where acquisitions or divestments of business units comprising your intangible assets are involved We work with renowned expert intangible asset valuation experts in valuing your intangible asset portfolio.

Business Intelligence

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting” – Sun Tzu

Our business intelligence services aim to provide your business with a knowledge such that you gain a competitive edge in the market you operate in. With our insights you will be able to learn and assess the potential impact of not only your competitors’ commercialization and research and development efforts, but also their future business strategies as well. Through this we are able to advise and formulate pre-emptive or mitigating strategies against your competitors. Having the backing of our business intelligence reports will also enable you to identify risks in the existing markets you operate in as well as new business opportunities to pursue.

Our business intelligence services include:

Due Diligence

When purchasing any intangible asset, as with any other piece of personal property, it is important to conduct your due diligence in order to ensure that there are no encumbrances to the asset. Beyond such surface checks businesses should also understand how the asset being purchased actually fits, supports and grows their commercialization strategy.

We can help businesses understand and evaluate not only their own intangible assets but also the assets that they are looking to license in or acquire by, in particular ensuring that you are paying fair value for any such intangible assets.