What is copyright?

Copyright protects the original expression of ideas (e.g. in words and illustrations) as opposed to the underlying content, information or data itself. Some common examples of copyright works include:

  • Literary works (e.g. books, articles, source codes of computer programs)
  • Dramatic works (e.g. screenplays, scripts)
  • Musical works (e.g. melodies, sheet music)
  • Artistic works (e.g. paintings, photographs, sculptures).

Copyright also protects other works such as films, sound recordings and broadcasts and cable programmes.

How We Can Assist You

Our firm is committed to helping you understanding your rights and provides the following services in relation to the following matters:

Ownership and Entitlement

While the author of the work is generally the owner of the copyright work, this can be modified by factors such as employment terms and/or commissioning agreements. We can advise on such employment agreements to ensure certainty in ownership over the copyright work. In the event of ownership disputes, we can also represent you in court proceedings.

Enforcement of Copyright

If a third party is infringing your copyright, we can issue cease-and-desist letters (C&D) letters on your behalf to stop the complained act and achieve a favorable settlement.

Legal Proceedings

If a party has infringed your copyright, you can commence infringement proceedings in the Singapore courts and claim for various reliefs, including an injunction to restrain the wrongdoer from continued infringement, damages and/or an account of profits.

Alternatively, if you have received a C&D letter by a party threatening you with copyright infringement, you may have a viable claim against that party who can be held liable for groundless threats of infringement.

Our firm has deep experience in litigation proceedings and is well-placed to represent you in the above matters to ensure the protection of your interests.

Valuation and Commercialization of Your Copyright Works

To commercialize your copyright works, you may wish to license or sell your copyright to third parties. Our firm can assist you in the valuation of your copyright works to arrive at a fair and defensible monetary value, as well as the preparation of the necessary agreements.