Licensing, Technology, Distribution and Franchising Agreements

We are committed to helping out clients achieve their growth and business objectives by maximizing the potential of their IP portfolio. We work with our clients on their expansion strategies both domestically and regionally, advising on all aspects of IP exploitation and protection, including:-

  • Licensing Agreements (including media and software licensing)
  • Technology Services Agreements (including cloud computing agreements)
  • Technology Transfer Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Franchise and sub-franchise Agreements
  • Supply Agreements
  • Research Collaboration Agreements
  • Media releases and publishing Agreements

Employment Agreements

Without carefully drafted employment agreements, disputes may arise between employers and employees regarding the ownership of any intellectual property arising from or developed in the course of their employment. Leakage of intangible assets when employees leave is also another challenge for innovative companies. 

We can assist your business in managing such risks by:

  • Ensuring that employment agreements are clear on matters relating to your business’ intangible assets,
  • Formulating broader policies and safeguards to minimize leakage when your employees deal with such intangible assets in the course of their work.
  • Advising on any breach of such employment obligations, including any causes of action and practical remedial steps that an employer can take

Vendor Agreements

Vendor agreements govern the relationship between businesses and third-party suppliers of goods or services. Issues regarding the intellectual property in such agreements may arise especially where the vendor is engaged for bespoke projects, in particular, those involving utilization of a business’ proprietary information to deliver its goods or services.

We provide assistance to your business in managing and mitigating the risks in entering into vendor agreements with third party suppliers especially in respect of your business’ intangible assets.

Transfer and Assignments of IP

Our firm can assist you through the process of transferring your IP rights both domestically and regionally. Our services include:-

  • Preparing Deeds of Assignment;
  • Preparing the necessary documentation including any Power of Attorney and assisting in the formalities including notarisation and legalisation;
  • Recording assignments at the Registry

Restrictive Covenants

Employees may be exposed to a firm’s valuable trade secrets and confidential information in the course of their employment. We can assist you in drafting restrictive covenants to reduce the impact of any unlawful use of an innovative firm’s intangible assets. Our services include preparing non-compete and non-solicitation clauses and advising on the drafting of such a clause to ensure a proper balance between meeting the court’s requirements of protecting legitimate business interests and reasonableness while ensuring the clause is of an appropriate scope.